When It Just Doesn’t Work: Blogmas Day 11

In today’s edition of #COASBlogmas16, it’s time for Story Time With Grace!

I do have to give a warning but really only to one person.

(Danielle, if you continue to read this, my idea for your birthday present will be spoiled sooooo……)

But if you’re not Danielle, then read away!

So I wanted to do something nice for my childhood best friend, Danielle for her birthday. I had this idea to get her this liquid lipstick that I personally love and if I’m honest, she needed it.

Now I live in Canada but she lives in the US, so I had this plan to try and order it on line from Canada and have it shipped to her house. However, after calling the company I was going to order from, it proved to be too complicated. So I decided to just buy it in Canada and mail it.

No big deal right?

Welp, turns out you can’t send liquid through Canadian mail to the States. Like I could take that same container of lipstick on a plane in my carry on, as long as it was in a plastic bag, and that would be okay. But they can’t put it in the mail. So the Canada Post person told me I might be able to do it through FedEx or DHL. But that would have cost me almost as much as the lipstick!

Yet here’s my other issue: I have plenty of girlfriends who order cosmetics online from American companies and have them shipped to them in Canada. They get all their lil lip kits and pop thingys and whatever yet I can’t send my lipstick to the States even though it is clear that you can send liquid lipsticks and glosses in the post.

So here I sit. Having tried to have done something cute and it failed. Sometimes these things just don’t work out.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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