Vintage Confession: Growing Up

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Today I’m sharing another Vintage Confession in honour of the Twitter trending topic #GoodByeSelfTitledEra. Basically one of my favourite bands of all time, Paramore, is finishing up the final tour for their current album, Paramore. The album represented a lot for the band and signalled a new era of Paramore. This album came out at a time in my life where I too was going through a transition and I can’t even begin to share just how much this album helped me to grow up. This Vintage Confession comes from that time in my life and it seemed fitting to share today.

Ok so it has been a while. I know I know. I can already hear people getting on me for not updating more regularly. I think I’m just gonna have to make it a part of my weekly routine. However, in my defense I was in Paris for two weeks and now I’m focusing on starting university.

See in such a seemingly short period of time, I have had to go from teenager to young adult in the seemingly blink of an eye. I mean I knew the change was coming but that doesn’t mean I realized that it was coming up so quickly. Now I’m getting up early and getting out the door to be on campus and attending lectures and of what university has involved. It seems to me that growing up is a gradual change of perspective. At one time in your life, you look at the world in one way but over time your perspective changes and you’re able to see the world in a different light. You learn and evolve physically, emotionally, and spiritually over time but there is still a level of awareness and understanding of your maturing.

Yet on the other hand, it seems that growing up suddenly hits you. It seems like one day you’re laughing and joking without a care in the world, then we blink and TADA! Welcome to young adulthood! You then go from Barbies (God forbid) and Hot Wheels to studying and I don’t know taxes. Maybe not immediately as a young adult but you get the picture. I’m trying to be poetic and write a metaphor… work with me here. I mean for me I never played with Barbies (And I thank my parents profusely for that) but it seems like just yesterday I was dancing around my best friends house listening to Stacie Orrico and attempting to choreograph dances to Baby Girl by Nicole Mullen. (Apparently there’s video footage. I’ve never seen it but I can guarantee there is a lot of uncoordinated moves from my part.)

Even though I’ve made arguments for both ideas of what growing up is, I would say that growing up is really a combination of the two points. There may be certain things in life that happen suddenly yet there are other areas that happen gradually. It all works together to help with maturing and discovering exactly what on earth you are meant to do.

Anyway, enough of my thoughts. I’m now going to go back to prepping for class tomorrow and trying to convince my parents to let me go to the Paramore concert next month.

And on that note, here’s the song that prompted this post today. Grow Up by Paramore

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