Vintage Blogmas Confession – Thoughts on Vocal Rest: Blogmas Day 4

So I’ve done this in the past and so I thought that I’d do it again!

This is a Vintage Blogmas Confession from an earlier version of this blog. I reread this one and thought it was actually pretty good so I decided to share it here.

Take a read below the break!

So it happened.

I missed a day.

I usually write in the evening but we still had people in our home when I would’ve writing. So instead I decided to try and write in the morning. We’ll see how that goes.

What to say today?

Well let’s start here: vocal rest is hard when your week is so busy. I’m supposed to be on vocal rest which means no talking for a week and that’s always interesting. I like to talk so to say no to that is always interesting. This week is my Christmas crunch week which means I’m prepping for Christmas performances galore and my voice needs to rest in order to make sure that it makes it through. So I usually go on vocal rest for the week before my major performances. Except this week I have so many things to do that require me to talk.

At first I wanted to wipe my slate clean and just stay home and sit in my room and watch Doctor Who but then I realized the events I have planned are all important. They’re more than just coffee hangouts and Christmas parties and rehearsals. They are opportunities to bless other people and to be blessed by others. That is much more important than my voice being super perfect. I mean yes, I want to give my best. But if I gotta work a little harder to sing because I was able to encourage someone this week than so be it.

That’s all for today. I will be back tomorrow.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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