Vintage Blogmas Confession – Understand the Words You Sing: Blogmas Day 9

So I decided to shake it up and post a Vintage Confession.

I did these all throughout the year so I thought, “Why not post a Vintage Blogmas Confession”?

So here it is. Enjoy!

Today’s thought: Understand the Words to the Songs You Sing.

Earlier today, I was sat in my friend’s car earlier today and we were singing along to classic Christmas carols as we drove. About halfway to our destination, the radio started playing ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’. As I listened to the words, I realized that this song basically condones date rape. The male singer is basically ignoring the young woman saying “No” to his sexual advances. Yet this song has often been viewed as a romantic Christmas duet for two. Even one of my favourite scenes in my favourite Christmas movie ‘Elf’ centres around Buddy and Jovie singing the duet as he innocently sang with her while she was in the shower at her work.

As I sat there listening, I realized how often we forget to pay attention to the words of the songs that we sing. In many ways, the words can make or break a song; yet we sometimes get caught up in the beat that we forget to listen to the words. The words that come from our mouths are so important; we should be watchful about what we say and what we sing.

So the moral of the story, listen to all of the songs we sing — especially Christmas songs about date rape.

The Songwriter

Until Tomorrow,

Peace & Harmonies

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