Trained to Track

No, I don’t mean tracking vocals and instruments but I’m referring to the idea of watching behaviour.

As a part of this class, I’m required to track a behaviour and report the findings on the blog every week. If you want to see all of those posts click here. Anyway, we were chatting about how this has been going and I had a very interesting thought about this whole thing.

In class, Suzanne referred to the idea that we are trained to track from the beginning of our lives. We track how many steps we take as children, when we start eating solid food, our weight increase, etc. Then as we get older we start tracking other things; how much coffee we drink in a day, our weight gain or weight loss, the amount of money we spend on a certain product etc. The reasoning behind this is that we want to look at our behaviour and eventually look back on it to see what we can learn from it. I think that the biggest thing that I took away from this bit was the idea that we always do this behaviour. I mean, I know for one I keep track of how often I go to the gym in order to make sure that I’m properly taking care of myself. But sometimes I don’t wanna track because that means I’ll have records of my weaknesses. Who wants that?!?

Yet in the midst of all this, tracking my behaviour not only documents my weaknesses but celebrates my victories. When I keep record of how often I work out, I’m able to see the victory of sticking to my commitment. When I see how much I’m writing, I’m able to remind myself that I’m really a songwriter at heart. So keep paying attention. You never know what you may find.

Peace & Harmonies

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