Regular Songwriting

If I’m going to call myself a songwriter, I should be writing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m constantly writing but there should be some consistency in my writing. So that all being said, for the next few months, I’m going to keep a log of how often I write a song. But first, it is important to define what a song is.

Defining a Song

While this may seem straightforward, for the purpose of this exercise, I’m choosing to somewhat redefine what a song is. My writing process does not always lend it self to full, complete perfect songs being created. ┬áMany times, I end up writing pieces of what could make a great song. These pieces could be either full choruses or verses or they could be a good hook or a few lines for one of these parts. This exercise will focus on how often I’m writing any part of a song. Full songs aren’t always just dropped into one’s lap and there may be things that I create during this process that may not become full songs a few months or even years from now. Yet, it is important to make note of even the smallest of things because you never know what could come from that.

How I Will Demonstrate My Progress

The primary way I’m going to track my progress is by using Daytum which is an app that helps people track basically whatever they want. I’ve heard it be used for tracking coffee consumption or calories or even time spent on video games. For my purposes, I will be making note of every time I actually take the time to write down a concept, song idea, or song piece. In this space, I’ll create a post that outlines my progress throughout the week and reflects on what I’ve learned from my progress.

I’m excited to see what I learn about my writing process and to keep a record of how often I write and what I write. You never know what may be created!

Until next time.

Peace & Harmonies,


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