Tracking Issues

Okay okay okay,

Right as I thought I was on the up and up, it all started going downhill. Poop.

So last week I was kinda doing okay with this songwriting thing. It was getting better but I had some changes this week. The app that I’ve been using, Daytum, kept crashing on me and my data wasn’t saved. Then I was experiencing issues with website largely thanks to the fact that I forgot my password.

Now if I’m quite honest, I almost felt okay with this whole situation largely because I’ve felt this weird pressure to have something to post. Yet in my discussions with my classmates, man of them have kinda slacked off on the tracking. I’ve tried to make it work and I’ve tried to start writing things and such but I’m getting a bit tired.

It is the end of the semester so a lot of my focus is on finishing well and I want to finish this assignment well, I just haven’t figured out how I can do that.

Only time will tell how this will work out.

Peace & Harmonies

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