Tiredness is No Excuse

As you can tell by the title of this post, I often use tiredness as an excuse to not do things. I’m a 4th year university student so it’s pretty safe to say that I’m perpetually tired. Obviously, this is my own fault (most of the time) but more often than not I find myself longing for the sweet sweet embrace of nap time.

But… (And there’s always a but)

This doesn’t mean that I can use it as an excuse to not do those things that give me life and make me happy. Too often I find that when I’m tired I just sit and watch Netflix or something instead of doing something like read a book, or try to write a song or something a bit more productive. Sometimes it’s okay to simply sit and watch TV. Other times, it’s actually working against you because you’re not actually fulfilling your destiny.

wise words from mom

My mom has this saying:

“They’re fulfilling their destiny, you’re fulfilling yours.”

At first, I just laughed at her and thought she would say that simply to get me to stop watching TV. But as usual, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve better understood what she meant. (Or at least what I think she meant.)

It’s important to remember that people that are on TV are doing what they’re meant to be doing to fulfil their destiny. Life goes on and keeps moving – regardless of whether or not I choose to keep moving with my life. It’s important that I continue to be working towards fulfilling my destiny even at times when I don’t feel like it.

That said, sometimes there does need to times of rest and that’s perfectly okay. However, when rest turns into just being lazy, then we got an issue.

what’s the point 

The point of all of this is that I’m going to make sure that I continue to be diligent to write here and create music outside of school & work. I have to do it because it brings me life and makes me happy.

So here’s to creating at 1 am while eating digestives from England.

(No, Mom this isn’t a regular thing. Just right now.)

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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