This Is Harder Than I Thought

So this week was off to an interesting start.

This week I was able to write a chorus, verse, and 2 concepts. As they’re still being worked on, I won’t share them just yet but I think what’s been interesting to see is how much I actually do get but don’t put down. What made this week challenging was the fact that I would get lots of ideas but I wouldn’t write them down. Well, I’d forget to write them down. I felt like I had to try to figure what was just a little blip and what was worth keeping. Yet what I realized is, I may not be able to figure that out immediately. If I think about an idea or concept, then immediately discard it without really trying to flesh it out,  I’m really doing myself a disservice. I may miss something that could be completely brilliant but because I don’t think it’s good in the moment, I miss it. It made me realize that I have to resolve to write something down and not judge the idea without giving it a chance.

Anyway, that’s this week’s thoughts. Also coming up, I’ve got some exciting news to share very very soon so stick around for that!

Until next time.

Peace & Harmonies,


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