The Surprise Continues

Hello Internet,

So writing this week has actually been really great. Like last week, I actually wrote a full song. BUT this week I ended up writing two! TWO FULL SONGS.



Now as I’ve explained previously, this is a pretty big deal. Because like their predecessor, these did not just ‘happen’. I had to work for them. Why? Well as I mentioned last week I’ve started the S.A.C. Songwriting and Blogging Challenge. My focus in starting this challenge is to really work on writing regularly and developing my skills as a writer. This week, we were tasked with writing a song for a Canadian artist and to prep for a song pitch. After listening to the video that was made for us by the artist on what he wanted, I took some time to try and find some of his music to get an idea on the type of voice that he had and the kind of music he typically sings. This kinda helped me but I was actually pretty freaked out at the prospect. I’ve written a few songs in the past for other people to sing as well as songs that I think would work for other artist; but all of those songs were for artists that I’m intimately familiar with, some personally others musically. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of the artist we were tasked with writing for but I liked what I heard. The challenge for me this week was to take into consideration what he wanted BUT still staying true to what my strengths are as a writer. I ended up creating a couple of interesting pieces that I’m working on recording and such. I got a really nasty migraine at the beginning of the week that delayed my process plus I’m a full time student. But I’m working on getting all of it down.

So far, I’m really excited about how this is going. It’s been a challenge but it is called a songwriting and bloggingĀ challengeĀ so no complaints here.

Until next time.

Peace & Harmonies,


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