The Studio is Hard: Blogmas Day 4 & 5

Okay so I missed yesterday’s post.

BUT with good reason. I finally did something that I’d been wanting to do for a long time.

I finally recorded a handful of songs for a songwriting EP/demo tape. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but I really didn’t have the know-how/funds to do it. Yet recently, I made a new friend who also happened to have a background in audio engineering and he agreed to help me out! So the last two days have been spent in the in-home studio tracking all the instruments and laying down a few basic vocals. It’s been a fun process of learning and growing and coming to a few major realizations.

1. Being in the studio is hard! 

So the first night, we ended up spending almost 2 hours getting things mic’d up and ready to record. In that time, I ordered us some dinner, we ate said dinner (while working of course), and responded to a few work emails. I mean there was a fair amount of sitting and waiting for things to be ready. Then once we got to recording, we’d do a take then we’d have to listen back to it and make sure it’s what we wanted and if not how we planned to change it. Then we’d do another take and then if we were pleased we moved on. Now that doesn’t seem like a very long process but my goodness! It took us about 2.5 hours to get through recording all the various parts for 3 songs. It was fun and totally well worth it but it was still work. Sitting and listening to takes then making small adjustments to things in order to make sure things were where they needed to be: it was a complete and total project. You gotta make sure that you’re sustaining your energy as much as you can and that you’re remaining focused. Which leads to my next take away:

2. Come prepared. Seriously. 

My friend that came into help out noted how he appreciated that my brother (who played drums on the records) and I were so prepared. I had some basic piano tracks ready, my brother knew his parts and was done in a couple of takes for each song. Being able to keep things within a handful of takes is made easier by just coming ready and prepared. Preparedness helps things to move faster AND to allow more room for improvisation and trying different things with the songs. That proved to be very helpful so I’ll have to make sure to remember that.

3. I Like producing

I’ve wanted to dabble in producing music but I wasn’t sure if I would be any good at it. Well, I got to practice a bit and my goodness did I enjoy it. I loved that I was able to take what I was hearing in my head and get it out. Like it wasn’t just in my head for me to enjoy, it was coming out for others to hear and enjoy. That made me so happy. Plus I got to have complete creative control over what was being played, how things sounded, and what the song needed to be doing. I want to help others experience the process of taking things from up in one’s head out to making it into a thing. A real thing that can be heard not only by you but by other people. I want to help capture the mood and feel of the music that’s in the artist’s head and bring it out. Just these few sessions from the last couple of days have gotten me HOOKED and now I know for a fact that I want to produce.

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts for today and well yesterday. Don’t worry, I’ll have better timing for tomorrow! I promise.

Until tomorrow.

Peace & Harmonies

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