The Story Behind the Song: Somebody Else by Robert Glasper feat. Emeli Sandé

So I thought I would try something just a little different today. A large part of what I do as a songwriter involves telling stories using music and for me I find that the songs resonate with me often have a great story with them. Today, I wanna highlight one of these songs.

Now, if you’ve read through my blog or any of my social networks you will know that I LOVE these two artists. I love that they are not bound by genre when it comes to creating great music but they do know what their strengths are and they bringing them to whatever they do. I honestly don’t even have enough time to gush about how much I love and appreciate them and their music but I must get to my point.

On Glasper’s last album Black Radio 2 (which is brilliant and if you don’t own it you need to fix that ASAP now), the two of them did a track together called “Somebody Else”. I ran across the story for this song while browsing YouTube and after hearing it I fell in love with the song even more. Check it out.

See the thing that really speaks to me about this story is just how refined her craft was. She knew that the song didn’t quite work for her but she knew what to add and knew how to do it quickly. There was a focus and intentionality that she knew to have in order to be able to produce the content YET that did not get in the way of creating quality content. She focused her energy in the right ways and she was able to be effective.

Emeli aside, kudos to Glasper for allowing Emeli to rewrite the lyrics to the song. He could’ve flat out ignored her and just done what he wanted to do but he was focused on the bigger picture. He continued to remain faithful to producing the product. They combined their craft in order to create a wonderful musical moment that I believe is one of the best on the album.

Anyway those are my thoughts. Check out the song below and tell me what you think!

Peace & Harmonies

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