The Story Behind the Song: Break the Cycle

So I did this type of post a few weeks ago and I really liked how it turned out. There will always be songs and there will always be stories. I would simply love to be able to tell some of those here. Today, I’m highlighting a song from You+Me called Break the Cycle. I discovered this song last year and once I heard the story I loved the song even more. Allow me to explain.

You+Me are a folk music duo made up of Dallas Green and Alecia Moore. No, they aren’t newcomers. They’re more commonly known as City & Colour and P!nk. As I love both of those artists and have great respect for their artistry, I without a doub was willing to invest  some brain time into learning more about this project. I was excited at the idea of the two of them working together; A. Because City & Colour is a Canadian artist and I like supporting good Canadian talent, and B. I love P!nk so so much and I was excited at the idea of her doing some different yet still highlighting her really great vocal chops. The album didn’t disappoint; it is unique, creative and highlights both of them in a unique way.

Break the Cycle was the first song I heard from the project as it was recommended to me on YouTube. Even after the album came out, it still remained my favourite and the story only made it better.

(When you click play, it will start right at that story)

One of the main things that I loved about that story was the fact that it was a love song that was not based in a romantic relationship but instead came from a relationship between a mother and daughter. I think sometimes music that is about love really only focuses on romantic or sexual love. Love is so much more than that. The challenge is that we only have one word in the English language that is used to describe the love we have  for our parents, the love we have for our favourite music artists, and the love we have for our favourite caf├ęs. Love is so much more and it’s important for art to reflect that. I really liked Break the Cycle for that reason and it doesn’t compromise on artistic creativity.

From an aesthetic standpoint, I really loved the atypical rhythm and and melodic structure of the verses.  It catches the ears in a different way and yet the steady rhythm of the chorus gives something steady for the ear to grab on to. Their voices work really well together and it doesn’t feel as though one is overpowering the other. At times, it may seem as though that is the case, but I think this can be attributed to the fact that her voice is higher than his. Higher voices sound louder even though they may be at the same decibel level. (See Dad, I’m using my university knowledge). It’s that factor that may make it seem as though she’s louder but that’s not the case.

Anyway, I really love this song and I think the whole album is just great. It’s really great to see two great artists put aside their typical expressions in order to come together to create a new one. It demonstrates the importance of collaboration when it comes to artistic expression and how the coming together of two artists can be a really beautiful thing.

That’s all for now.

Peace & Harmonies

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