The Rogers Ruler: Foo Fighters Concert Review

Okay so as of about 80 hours ago, I did not think I was going to the Foo Fighters show.

At 5pm Friday night, that completely changed.


Well it was 5pm the night of the show. I was preparing to head out the door to my Friday evening class when my dad called my mom and told us that he had gotten a call from a friend saying that he had two extra tickets to the show. After that the next few minutes were pretty much a blur as I promptly started giggling and freaking out over the fact that I was now going to my most anticipated concert of the year. I mean yes Tori, Lisa, & Snarky Puppy were all pretty big but I had been wanting to go to the Foo Fighters since last December when I had watched the Sonic Highways series for research on a grunge paper I was writing and the tour was announced. I really thought that I wouldn’t be going. But clearly God had other plans and I wasn’t even going to argue!

But onto the show!

So this show and this entire tour is a pretty remarkable one because it’s the Broken Leg Tour. So you know that whole guitar throne blog post I did? Well I saw it. Live. In the flesh. And it was as awesome as I had imagined it to be. That alone made it worth it.

After the killer opening by Gary Clark, Jr. and a stage switch over, the show started with a loud, roaring start and a classic Dave Grohl scream. It was in that moment that I realized: I’m at the Foo Fighters show. Literally 3 hours before this, I was going to school. But now I’m sitting in Rogers Arena screaming like crazy as the curtain around the stage drops to reveal the band, complete with the master himself on his throne. Normally before a show I listen to the artists music a bunch to make sure that I knew the words. Because of the surprise last minute nature, I didn’t know many of the words as well but that didn’t even matter because their performance was so excellent I didn’t even care! The energy in the room was electric and buzzing. The entire crowd was singing and cheering loud for the band.

Then it happened.

The Throne Moved.


It started rolling down the catwalk with its ruler thrashing about and slamming away on his guitar. Hair was flying, legs were kicking up and the crowd was going nuts. I loved that it still enabled him to connect with the audience despite having to remain in a somewhat static position. It added dimension while still remaining rooted in the performance.

The setlist soared through many old Foo’s songs and it felt like a nostalgia show for the fans. Despite being a tour for the new album only of the songs were from that album. Instead, they chose to focus on other hits and songs from their older albums, which I enjoyed. It introduced me to more of their music beyond Sonic Highways and showed just long these guys had been doing it.

Speaking of long, this show was 2.5 hours long and the energy from the band never dropped. I mean these guys are all in their 40s and are dads and stuff. Yet the never wavered in their energy and continued to put on a really good show. And the DRUMMER. Dude. Taylor Hawkins is an absolute legend! He was so tight on the drums and he really helped to hold all the music together. Watching him play was so cool because he really looked like he was having fun, which is the most important part.

As the show eventually came to a close, I simply sat and thought about how I’d gotten there. I mean I had pretty much let it go and in fact I had tweeted earlier that day that I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be at the show. But right when I least expected it, everything was turned around and I found myself in the stands with great seats watching this band completely tear it up. I was so grateful that I had been in the right place at the right time and that God saw fit to let me go to that show. It was really one of those moments when it was really confirmed just how much God cares about even the little things. I just had one question after the show. I wonder how his massage therapist and physiotherapist feel about this tour?

Peace & Harmonies

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