The Photographic Generation: Vintage Blogmas Confession Day 9

It’s another Vintage Blogmas Confession today!

It’s been fun revisiting some of these old posts. I get to take a little peak into my 18 year old mind and see where my head is at. And surprisingly, she still makes sense.

Check it out below!

We are almost at the end of Blogmas!

Christmas is so close. And I’m constantly forgetting that. Oh dear Lord help me.

Anyway, today I went ice skating with a friend who’s here from out of town. We had a blast but has a small bone to pick with our fellow skaters.

Many of our fellow skaters were teenage girls, who insisted on stopping in order to take photos. Which isn’t a problem, except when you stop in the middle of the flow of traffic and almost cause people to fall and trip. I appreciate wanting to remember this moment. But must you really take a picture right now this moment?!? Do you have to have photographic evidence that you went skating with your girls? Several times my friend and others almost fell because they weren’t ready to stop for those taking pictures.

And it wasn’t just teens. It was adults too. Except they were stopping to take pictures of their kids who were still learning how to skate… At a super popular downtown rink. No disrespect to the parents at all. And I get it: it’s really cute to watch your kids in all their thick heavy snow gear try to maneuver on their skates. But please don’t suddenly stop in front of me cause I don’t wanna run over your kid!

It all just made me think. We are a generation that is so focused on documenting everything for social media. And for what? So we can brag to our “friends” about what cool stuff we do? It’s not like you really go back and look at those memories. At least I don’t.

But it was just interesting to really see how so social media based we’ve become. I even just joined Facebook recently and I see just how much people put random stuff on social media. I think we just just focus on living in the moment sometimes and be willing to unplug for a bit.

That being said, I must go eat food now. And no I will not be Instagramming it.

Until tomorrow,
The Songwriter

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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