The Forgotten Crowd

I got the title/concept of this piece from one of my favourite TV shows, Doctor Who. I do not have enough time to completely convey how much I love this show, but bear with me. (If my mom is reading this, she’s completely rolling her eyes right now.)

So in Season 6 of Doctor Who, we are introduced to a new creature called the Silence. Basically, it’s a really creepy looking but well-dressed alien that makes people forget it the minute they turn away from seeing it. There are a few scenes throughout the season that show large groups of these aliens and it is quite shocking but the minute the character has turned away from them, they forget what they saw. They know they saw something but they can’t put their finger on what. But the minute they see the Silence again they remember and realize that the creature is what they saw.

How is this relevant to music? Well, think of it this way; as a songwriter or any form of creative person, you have a specific audience in mind. You may catch a glimpse of this audience and be able to identify them. Yet the minute you turn away from that audience you can forget them. You know that you’ve seen something and you know that you’ve tried to connect with them but you really can’t remember them — UNTIL you see them again. The best way of preventing this is by choosing to remember the audience and who it is you’re trying to reach. Many times we can create something and not quite know who it is we’re trying to reach. But once you are able to catch a glimpse of who that audience is don’t forget who they are. Why? Because it’s easier to create when you are able to know that there are people who are connecting with and appreciating your creation. Ultimately, that’s the point of creating public art; at least it is in my mind.

So to end this post, I would like to ask YOU a question. When creating art, do you think it is important to think about your audience?  Why or why not? Feel free to comment below and I look forward to getting to chat with you!

Until the Next Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.

Peace & Harmonies,


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