The Doctor Who Experience

I realize that there is a slight pun built into this title but I’m not even mad about it. Is this music related? Ehh, not really but I am still a songwriter and my confession is that I loved the Doctor Who Experience way too much.

Allow me to explain.

So it’s been nearly two months since my arrival here in England and I’ve been loving it so far. Now, I won’t lie, I thought by this point that I would’ve done a bit more traveling but I’m not upset at how I’ve spent my time so far. However, my first big trip was Cardiff with a friend of mine who also happens to be from my home university.

Why Cardiff?

Cause the Doctor Who Experience is there that’s why.

IMG_7388So I’m not really certain if I’ve made it clear yet, but I’m a big Doctor Who fan; a Whovian if you will. That said, I knew one of the must do’s on this trip was to go over to Cardiff, Wales where the show is shot to go see the exhibition that’s there. Little did I know that I would get an incredibly special experience there.
My friend and I hopped on a train and prepared ourselves for a weekend of exploring and fangirling. We made it in great time, found our hostel then headed over to Cardiff Bay for the fun.
We got to go on what was essentially a private tour of the beginning of the experience which I won’t spoil for any of you that will end up going but my oh my was it an experience. Then we entered into the main exhibition hall and well, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
We saw everything. You name it. Costumes, props, villains, companions, old TARDIS sets – everything.

But it gets better.IMG_7389

We got to tour the actual TARDIS set. Apparently this doesn’t happen often but we were able to not only visit the exhibition but tour the set as well.
The set remains built even when they aren’t shooting and they occasionally open it up for tours. We got to be in one of those groups. Now our specific group wasn’t super great because they were kinda rude but we didn’t care. We were on the TARDIS.
We even got to eat at the diner where they shot one of my favourite episodes, the Impossible Astronaut. (I should’ve taken a picture of that but I forgot.)

And of course I needed to buy all the things. I mean there were lots of different t-shirts and comic books, and trinkets and toys – it was basically a Whovian paradise. However, I knew that I couldn’t buy everything. So I made myself have self control and instead of buying all the things, I only bought some of the things. And most of those things were small so I could send them home. Money well spent!

lessons learned

Over the course of that weekend, I was marked by a few things.

1. having a good travel buddy is critical

The reason I think this whole trip was so successful is that my friend and I traveled well together. We both liked to have an idea of what we were going to do but we didn’t feel stuck to that schedule. When one was grumpy, we worked to remedy that quickly and we didn’t force the other to do anything she didn’t want to do. The simple version is that we problem solved in the same way. Conflict often comes when different problem solving methods are used. This isn’t to say that having different problem solving methods couldn’t be beneficial but for this situation, I appreciated that we thought the same way in terms of how to deal with situations. We focused on remaining calm and pausing to take in all the information we could before we proceeded. It made things much easier.

2. expect the unexpected 

When we came up with the idea to go on this trip, we hadn’t planned on doing a set tour. Shoot, we didn’t even know it would be an option. But it was and we got to do something that few people get to do. We made sure to take it all in as best as we could. It’s such a great thing to be able to have something happen that makes an event so much more special and exciting than it already is.

3. pause. take it in. 

It’s so easy to simply keep moving and be quick to post about it on online and share photos. It’s important to pause and take it in. We got to see things that we’ve only seen on TV right in front of us. We got to see where Time Lords walked and where companions learned something new about the universe. The adventure was so overwhelming that we had to remind ourselves to put our phones away and simply enjoy the moment. It’s okay; in fact, it’s necessary. The two squealing 20-somethings certainly did!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say for now.

Peace & Harmonies

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