The Adventure Begins!

So I’m now on the biggest adventure of my life. I almost can’t believe this is happening but I am beyond excited for what’s ahead!

Allow me to explain.

I’m preparing to go study abroad in England for 6 months. I’ll be in the south of England and I couldn’t be more excited. I arrived a couple of days ago and I’m getting ready to officially move into my flat tomorrow. There are a lot of other variables that still need to be worked out but I’m hoping everything will calm down soon so life can feel more relaxed.

On this trip, I plan to not only be learning in the classroom but hopefully learning outside. I really believe this time away is going to be really good for my writing and I’m hoping that all of the different experiences I have will show up in my writing. Yet even above that, I’m excited to finally see this dream come true. A year of prep is finally paying off.

But alas, I need sleep.

So until next time,

Peace & Harmonies

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