Talking About Myself Is Hard

Okay, so class this week was a little different. We spent our class time pitching our websites to our classmates. It was  cool because we got the chance to get to know our classmates and learn more about their blogs. It was nice that we got to learn about how we all have been dealing with the various aspects of the class (We all can’t  understand nor stand the tracking assignment, sorry not sorry) and the challenges we’ve encountered with running our own websites and blogs. It was quite nice to share but I learned an interesting thing through this exercise.

One of the most distinctive things I learned was just how hard it was to talk about myself. I mean I felt like I kept saying the same thing over and over again. I mean I was able to communicate what my website was about and who I was as a writer but that doesn’t mean that I really liked doing it. It’s strange how in a society that is so built on individualism and narcissism that I actually prefer to not talk about myself.  But once I pressed through the awkwardness, I found it actually quite liberating to be able to speak about my work in a concise and clear manner. Not everyone can do that much less do it effectively. Plus because my communication was clear, I was able to receive some really great feedback on the site and connect with some pretty cool people who I may not have connected with otherwise. I mean it’s a shame we didn’t do this earlier because the class is almost over and I feel as though I’m just getting to know my classmates. Yet I’m glad it did happen because that little bit of connection does actually go a long way.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Peace & Harmonies

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