Something Lighter: Blogmas Day 7

Okay so this week, Blogmas has been filled with a lot more serious posts but I decided this week to do something a bit lighter and share some Christmas favourites. 

Favourite Christmas Drink: Egg Nog Anything! 

Some hate it and some love it. I happen to fall into the latter category. Hot, cold, with coffee, without coffee, you name it, I’ll drink it.

Favourite Christmas Album: Christmas with Friends by India.Arie 

So I just discovered this album a few weeks ago and my word is it good. I’ve been listening to India.Arie for a while now but I hadn’t really been keeping up with her work as much. But this album was recommended for me on Spotify and I just fell in love with it. Her voice is so warm and all of the different artists work really well with her. Plus it has Tori Kelly on it and like I love her. Check it out!

Favourite Christmas Movie: Elf

I mean. It’s adorable and hilarious and one of the few Will Ferrell movies that I actually enjoy. Plus there’s this.

Favourite Christmas Food: STuffing

Okay so this is kinda both Thanksgiving and Christmas but like who doesn’t love stuffing?!? It’s basically bread, sausage, butter, onions, and garlic. You really can’t mess that up. Add some cranberry relish on top and I am one happy happy person. I never eat it during the year only at the holidays but it’s definitely one of my favourite things about the holidays.

Favourite Family Christmas Tradition: Christmas Pj’s

So every year, each member of my family gets a new pair of Christmas PJ’s. The last few years have consisted of Christmas onesies and apparently I’ve got another one coming my way and I am too excited! I just hope mine has feet….

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Peace & Harmonies

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