Slowing Down

So this week was weird. Midterms were rampant. Lots of other homework. Getting into the sludge of school.

Basically, this sums up my week.

Sluggish Puppy

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But in all seriousness, not much writing took place this week. And by not much I mean none. Well, I did get my S.A.C. Challenge song done but that was it. (More on that later). As I realized the end of my week was coming up and it was getting close to the time when I do my write up on my writing week, I was tempted to starting writing a bunch of stuff to try and at least give something for me to talk about. But I figured that the quality of my stuff wouldn’t even be worth talking about.

Yes, because I’m trying to actually be more disciplined in my writing but also cause I knew I had to talk about it here. The fact that I had nothing to really talk about almost made me forget to write and I almost wanted to skip over the whole thing — at least for this week. But I didn’t and here I am. I just have to keep trying to write more and to still remain focused.

S.A.C. Blogging & Songwriting Challenge 2015 Week 3

Anyway, on to this week’s challenge. This week, we were issued a challenge to write a song for an advertisement. They were looking for something that was childlike and fun and kinda quirky. This challenge was quite exciting for me because I’ve been wanting to pursue getting my songs placed in TV spots. Often times when I’m watching TV,(and this is quite rare) I’ll hear a song on a commercial that I think I could’ve written and I’ve wanted to learn a bit more on what exactly it would take to be able to write songs for commercials. So this challenge was perfect for that. I ended up writing this song in the midst of studying for midterms. I was on campus studying with a friend and the line ‘Come Fly Away With Me’  just sorta seemed to pop into my head. Within about 15 minutes, I had the entire piece finished. I wasn’t quite sure at first if it was strong enough but the rest of the day I couldn’t stop humming it! I liked that it felt kinda whimsical and playful and bright but not simple and boring. Plus it was the first time I used a diminished chord in a song so that was great. I tried to keep the production simple but happy and sweet with the vocal being sweet and almost childlike. I’m really pleased with it and I enjoyed the process of making it! The lyrics are in the Soundcloud description.

That’s all for now.

Peace & Harmonies,


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