Sayin’ His Name on Networks: Blogmas Day 7


Lil Chano from 79th [@chancetherapper] retweeted me today.

Yeah this is a pretty accurate description of how I felt when I saw it. If it’s not clear, I love Chance but I was especially gassed considering what I tweeted.

why i adore lil’ chano 

I found a video of him performing Finish Line/Drown on SNL this weekend and oh my gosh it made me so happy. So of course I had to tweet this:

And it’s true. I do adore him for many reasons. But I was particularly struck by the fact that in his performance, he was focusing on celebrating Jesus’ birthday and made a point to say so. Plus he just kept openly saying the name of Jesus’ on network television and even said:

“I like when you say His Name on network TV like that.” 

He was just so unashamedly calling on the name of Jesus on a major major network on a major show and it just made me so happy.

why this matters to me 

See, I know Chance isn’t the first rapper to bring his faith into his music, nor will he be the last. Unlike what many major news outlets believe, there are other rappers out there who are openly speaking about their faith in their music and gaining a mainstream audience. Yet for me what sets Chance a part is the fact that there’s an excellence in musicality that many others may not have. In this particular song, he has strong instrumentation and the choral parts are on point. He’s blending these different things together really well while also remaining true to who he is – even on a major platform.

Many of those other artists may not even have the opportunity to get a platform like SNL but they also may not be focused on getting that type of platform – and that’s completely okay. Yet Chance has made it clear that this is the platform he wants and he’s still going to be unapologetic. Because he has chosen to not begin in the ‘box” of Christianity, he has chosen to directly place himself within a ‘secular’ context, he has brought Christ and faith into the lives of those who may never set foot in a church.

Now this doesn’t mean that I agree with everything he does. I know he smokes weed and he does use the n-word in his music every now and then which I don’t care for. However, I do have to give credit where credit is due and the way of the righteous is not perfect. I do believe he is committed to excellence and wants to celebrate his faith in his music.

And that is something that I can agree with.

Now I just need to find me some red overalls. Cause needs.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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