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This past week in lecture, the primary focus of the discussion was on how people interact with each other online. There were really big words and long phrases used to describe things that I already knew or understood. But it was interesting to look at those interactions in a different way. I think so often we have a certain set of habits that we fall into but sometimes we need someone to draw our attention to them so that we can come to realize what we’re doing.

One of the ideas that really stuck with me is the idea of solipsistic introjection. The colloquial version of this idea is ‘It’s All In My Head.’ Because we don’t physically see those that we interact with online, we create an idea of who they are and we can adjust our online interactions accordingly. As a writer, specifically a songwriter, I often find myself creating imaginary characters that I want to be impacted by the story I’m telling through music. Sometimes this technique can be based on the idea of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes; I prefer to think of it as creating an imaginary audience.

Going back to my last post about the Forgotten Audience, one of the ways you can prevent yourself from forgetting your audience is to create/envision one. If you have an idea on who you want to impact and how. The challenge comes in when you create an audience in your mind and it doesn’t quite match up with the actual audience in front of you. This is one of the major challenges of solipsistic introjection; this image, idea or character that we create is simply based on how we perceive things and isn’t always effective. However, generally speaking, it is a way for us to remember that no matter the type of audience, there is always¬†an audience¬†who is looking and watching and cheering you on.

So what about you? Does your online persona match your persona in real life? Or do you interact online differently? Feel free to comment below! I look forward to reading some of your responses.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Peace & Harmonies,


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