Okay, so I was in class a couple weeks ago and my prof said something really interesting.

He said that people stop listening to new music around 20-24; meaning that while you may listen to new music from the same artists, your selection of new artists doesn’t really expand. The music you listen to further into your adulthood goes back to the music that you listened to when you were a teenager. Why? Because nostalgia that’s why. Those feelings of the past that remind us of times gone by.

Why does this happen? It comes from the fact that music is able to connect not only with the head but with the heart. Music helps to remind people of emotions, events, and stories from the past — good and band. A song can transport you back to your first school dance, long summer drives with your family, the night of your first break up; whatever the event may be, music can take you back there.

If this is the case, how much more important is it that the music we listen to should be good music. If we don’t continue to listen to new music much later on in life, how much more important is it that we listen to music that will be able to stand the test of time. In all honesty, I don’t really know what will still be around 20-30 years but I do believe that music with substance and depth will be. Yes, we consume sillier music; I mean I could still sing the words to the Song of the Cebu from VeggieTales when I was a kid. Yet the focus remains on good, quality music. That way when nostalgia sets in, I can look back and not cringe.

Well at least I think I won’t anyway.

Peace & Harmonies

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