Making The Effort: Blogmas Day 2

Confession Time:

Up until yesterday, I hadn’t written a song in almost 6 months.

I know I know.

But I also hadn’t made the effort to write a song over the course of those 6 months. I threw myself into school, work, extracurriculars etc., forgetting to take the time out to do the thing that made me happiest.

inspiration + no work = ? 

I didn’t write for lack of inspiration. Shoot, there were so many sources and places to gain inspiration from. From good music to some pretty major emotional challenges to oh, I don’t know, having spent the first 6 months of the year in Europe — point is, I have a lot of inspiration.

Yet that inspiration means nothing unless it, well, inspires something. I clearly had great experiences, ideas, and contexts to pull from yet I chose to let them sit there as great memories without taking them and doing something with them.

it doesn’t just happen

Often, songwriters are asked where our inspiration comes from or what inspires us; and often those conversations seem to be looking for a specific answer.

“Oh well I’m inspired by life and life’s experiences and blah blah blah” is often how the answer goes. And that can be true and great BUT what often isn’t mentioned is the WORK that goes into writing those songs. The hours spent rewriting phrases, figuring out what chords go with what lyrics, adding things, taking them away — all of this is needed to make good music. If the work isn’t put into it, nothing’s going to happen.

lightning strikes 

This doesn’t mean that work can’t just happen. I mean there have been times where I’ve written a full song in 15-20 minutes. There are artists who have written some of their biggest hits in that short amount of time. Lady Gaga said she wrote ‘Born This Way’ in 10 minutes and that’s one of her biggest hits. Yet I can’t help but think that the lightning strike of inspiration was able to be used that quickly because she had done the work before and knew how to take that inspiration and turn it in to a song really quickly. It was able to be successful because she was a prepared vessel, ready to capitalize on that lightning strike.

why does this matter? 

The reason I’m saying all this is because it’s this idea of making effort and puttin’ in #werk, that is the foundation of Blogmas. It’s a challenge to myself to put in work and be consistent.

Yet even beyond that, I want it to be good. I’ve done Blogmas in the past and I’ve stuck with the consistency yet it hasn’t always been good. Sometimes it’s just been a little bit here and there; yet this year I want to challenge myself to think deeper and write better.

So that’s what I’m gonna do.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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