The Inspiration of Confessions of a Songwriter

So this week has been focused on shaping and developing the look and purpose of Confessions of a Songwriter. Admittedly, I was able to start some of this planning early on but it wasn’t until I was able to start visualizing things that it caused me to change a few things — for the better.

The Pieces of Inspiration

Custom Catastrophes

There were a few blogs and websites that I looked to as examples of what I wanted to do. The first was this one called Custom Catastrophes. This blog is written by Ariel who is the lead singer of one of my favourite  bands called Icon for Hire. She often chats about fashion and beauty as well as topics on emotional health and finding yourself. Initially, one of the main reasons that I connected with the blog was because I’m obsessed with Icon for Hire’s music; as Ariel is one of the main lyric writers for the band I knew that she had a way with words. That being said, I loved having the opportunity to learn more about how she thinks and to read about what inspires her. She started writing on Tumblr but now she’s moved to her own website. She sells custom clothes and also promotes her bands music on the site in addition to her blog. She’s now moved to making a video podcast which I also keep up with but it’s nice to see her changing formats but still talking about the same things.


The other major blog/website that inspired mine is JacksGap. This site was created by some YouTubers that I’ve been following for a few years. These brothers from the UK are young filmmakers who seek to inspire others with their work. In addition to talking about their own work as filmmakers, they use their talents to create projects that tell the stories of others and have started their own London-based production company. Their website just got started last year and one of the brothers is a graphic designer and web designer; that being said I knew their website would be incredibly clean and efficient as I’ve seen some of the other design work he has done. Their content ranges from behind the scenes on their film projects to highlighting new music artists.

Why They Inspired Me

These two blogs inspired me for different reasons. Ariel’s gave me the idea of what types of content I could create. As this space is called Confessions of a Songwriter, I really liked the idea of being able to connect with my own thoughts about music and creativity and share some of my discoveries with others. I also loved that she didn’t just limit herself to music but also talks about bigger issues of life and and identity. These are questions that every person has to face but as an artistic and creative person, the way these are discussed are approached much differently. I wanted to do the same but by adding my own unique spin on similar and different ideas.

JacksGap was similar however, their site was more inspirational to me in terms of aesthetic. I really liked that it was clean and crisp. It was easy to navigate and I was quickly able to find the content I wanted to read. Additionally, the simple colour palette of Black, White and Sky Blue really allowed their photographs to shine through and that took what could be a boring website and give it a unique look. I wanted my site to be the same. Clean, simple colours and easy to navigate. This allows the content to be front and centre in addition to making it easier and more desirable for readers to come back and read.

How They Inspired Me

Armed with these two sources of inspiration, I went forth and began to create my own site. I wanted the look of my website to emulate the clean and easy to navigate format of JacksGap. This helped shape the theme that I chose which keeps the focus on the words and less visual. Custom Catastrophes helped me to shape the content that I would want to write and I’ve begun to already start working on some topic ideas for this post. Additionally, the information from lecture helped me to remember who my audience is and create things that are both for the bullseye target audience and the outer ring target audience. I’m focusing now on keeping my audience in mind and that in turn shapes how specific I get in my content.

I hope this little piece gave some insight into how I created Confessions of a Songwriter. Obviously, it is still a work in progress and it will continue to be a work in progress as good creative things are always changing and growing for the better. Yet hopefully I’ll get a lot better at this blogging thing and I can truly do what I set out to do: Assist in the Discovery of New Music, Spark Creativity and Encourage A New View of Life.

Until Next Time.

Peace & Harmonies

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