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So yet again it’s time for another update on my songwriting. This week was a struggle. I had lots of papers and assignments to do and write and so most of my time and energy was spent doing that. (And I’m still not done. I have yet another paper to write this week.) But I do have a quick thoughts on this week thatI’ll share. SPOILERS: I didn’t even write a song for the S.A.C. Challenge this week.

So because my writing was really minimal this week, I felt like the audience would feel like this.

Source: Text from a Friend

Shoot, I’d feel like that too. I mean I’m supposed to be writing regularly! I can’t let the weariness of life get to me and determine how much I write in a week. Plus I didn’t even write my S.A.C. song this week because my life was so busy and I was so focused on my school work. As a student, school comes first and songwriting second; so I focused my writing energy there for this week. But at the same time, if I’m not making time to do the things that give me life, I’ll find myself breaking down and getting exhausted because I’m not allowing myself to have that time to be creative.

That all being said, I was able to get just a couple of ideas this week.

The first one is called ‘Figure It Out’. This one came when I was messing around with some chords and immediately got this cool horn bit. I was able to get the small bit recorded and it turned out really good. I think this idea isn’t for me but for a friend because as soon as I started it, I heard it in her voice which is fun!


This last one came from the fact that I learned that Kanye’s new album title is called So Help Me God. I thought that was an interesting idea and right as I started thinking that I got this really cool funky hook. It’s got a darker more minor feel to it kinda like Kanye’s latest sound but someone like Lorde could also do something really cool with it. I’m gonna try and flesh it out and see where I get with it.


S.A.C. Blogging & Songwriting Challenge Week 4

So this week I have literally nothing. Don’t get me wrong, yes school was busy and my focus was there but I did try. I really had trouble wrapping my mind around what an edgy country song is. I mean I don’t listen to country music at all; it’s not really my thing. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t willing to try. So I tried. I mulled over the idea all week. And I literally got nothing. Everything that I came up with fell into the “What We Don’t Want” category. We were told to stay away from typical Bro-y country stuff. But that’s all I know of country music and the older stuff isn’t edgy either. I really struggled. I didn’t want to co-write because I’m focused on really developing my own writing abilities and knowing my tendencies before I try to work with someone else. It was a really challenging week largely because I feel like I’m doing all of this work for nothing. I am building up a diligence and ability to write based on craft as opposed to simply when inspiration hits me; which is a necessary skill to have in order to make it as a writer. And don’t get me wrong: I know I write great songs. That’s not a question. I’ve written some really good stuff. Nothing that would work for these past few challenges but I know for a fact that their good. So I’m not necessarily measuring my potential success as a writer against this challenge but I would like to know that someone’s paying attention.

Well this took a different turn than I expected. I blame my exhaustion and crowded brain space. Hopefully Wednesday will be better.

Peace & Harmonies

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