Insert Siren Noise Here

So the assignment for this week was to create a remix of an original piece of content and find a way to do something unique with it. As a musician, this seemed like it would be really straightforward so I plunged ahead and made something that’s both fun and quirky.

Admittedly, I had started a little something for this piece but it was pretty bad. I don’t really create EDM music but I do appreciate the art form. The audio sample is from the movie Madagascar 3; it is both hilarious and very very catchy. I wanted to find a different way of presenting something so quick and helping make it feel even more catchy and memorable. So I took the little audio sample  and created a funky little piece with it, by creating a little song to accompany the vocal clip.

The music is all original and all credits for the audio sample goes to Dreamworks Animation.


Peace & Harmonies

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