I Felt So Old. But It Was Worth It.: Troye Sivan Concert Review

So as the title makes abundantly clear, the recurring theme of this post will have to do with feeling slightly out of place at a concert that was filled with mostly screaming 14-17 year old girls. But like the title also says, it was worth it.

So I had these tickets before I had even bought my plane ticket to England. Shoot, at the time when I bought these Troye Sivan tickets, I wasn’t even sure if I was gonna make it to England.

But I did.

So off I went to the show.

I had a friend was going to go with me but she had to pull out at the last minute so I invited another friend to go with me and he was more than excited to go with. The two of us must have been quite a pair because we were making the WORST jokes waiting in line to go into the venue and yet we thought we were absolutely HILARIOUS. We decided at the end that we had the best banter.

the venue 

The venue this time was a cool vibe called the O2 Forum Kentish Town which was just outside of Camden Town in Kentish Town. The floor was open and was solely standing room, which is why I’m glad that I didn’t buy floor tickets and opted for the balcony. The balcony where we sat was bench seating which was different but kind of nice because the seats didn’t feel as restricted and we could have as much or as little space as you wanted. It felt reminded me a lot of the Vogue Theatre back home in Vancouver except much bigger. I liked it a lot.

the crowd

Okay so this is where the title really kicks in. About 85% of the crowd were 14-17 year old girls. I mean I already knew that but the reality of that was slightly overwhelming. Largely because it speaks to my own history with teenagers and appearing uncool, and mostly like I’m trying too hard. However, Troye makes good music so I didn’t care. I’m just grateful that my friend who was with me felt the same as I did. What I did like though was that the crowd interacted well. They sang along and clapped at the right moments and they didn’t scream over important talking points which made me very happy. Now, as much as I may talk about how young the audience was, there were also a handful of people there who were both A. around our age and B. there to enjoy the show. Yes, there were some parents there but they were there to keep an eye on their kids, not to enjoy the show so they don’t count. This other group just so happened to be sitting near my friend and I so we felt a little bit better. But again, Troye is great and even though we may have looked kind of out of place, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

the opener

Troye’s opener was a singer from Norway named Astrid. She was a really good match up for Troye because they both have synth-based, chilled vibes in their music. Astrid had a really great voice that was sweet but also very strong and clear. She made good banter with the crowd in between songs and held her own on stage. The songs themselves has some really neat melodies and she toyed a lot with rhythm which I really enjoyed. It kept you on your toes paying attention to what she would do next. She was really great and I definitely walked away excited to hear what other music she’ll put out in the future.


After Astrid finished her set and the stage turned over, the lights went out and the crowd went nuts. He started a capella and brought the rest of the instruments in and it was such a great way to integrate all the different parts together. His energy was great and it matched the crowd the entire way through. It was so neat to watch this person who I only knew from YouTube videos and social media come to life in front of me and appear to be just as wonderful and real as his social media presence.

One of the highlights of the show was his cover of Love is a Losing Game. I mean it’s pretty clear on this blog that I already LOVE Amy and it was apparent that Troye too loves Amy so he had to cover an Amy song. The reason it was so special was A. because it was London and B. because the venue was just on the edge of Camden Town, which was Amy’s home. It was certainly a very unique moment and that wasn’t lost on Troye or the audience.

truth so loud you can’t ignore my youth

Okay okay, I think I’ve made it clear that I felt old at this show but I do think there is something to be learned there. For one, yes my friend and I may have been older than the average age of the attendees but it speaks volumes about the music. Troye’s music doesn’t have the sensibility of a bubble gum pop song that is often aimed at teenage girls. He doesn’t assume that his audience isn’t capable of enjoying complex imagery and lyrics and instead assumes that they are fully capable human beings who are looking for music to speak to something deeper. This isn’t lost on how he interacts with the crowd and the way he carries himself on stage. His youth gives him an opportunity to connect with his audience in a very different way because he too is young. I can admit that while there were some interactions that I didn’t get (i.e. people screaming “Dad” at Troye. I never got this and I don’t want to) but for the most part I too was still able to connect because I’m young. All in all, it was one of the coolest and most energetic shows I’ve been to and I enjoyed it immensely.

I’m excited to see where Troye goes.¬†Here’s the the future.

Peace & Harmonies

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