How’d I Miss That?: Blogmas 2015 Day 6

Okay so this is more of a personal post but it’s still relevant.

So for some reason, I thought that I had to apply for bursaries and awards and things for my exchange today. I had December 18th stuck in my head. Like all week I had December 18th as awards and bursary day. I was ready.

But I went to pull up the online application and um, well…

There was nothing there.

11 Confused

I was very confused. Legitimately confused.

I furiously started clicking around trying to figure out where the application was and sure enough it really wasn’t there…

Because it’s not available until December 28th.

baby raven facepalm

I’m really not sure how I missed that. Well actually I do. I wasn’t reading close enough and I didn’t fully pay attention to all of the details. Life is often detail oriented and I need to make sure that I’m paying attention to those small things.

And that’s my lesson for today.

Now back to England prep things.

Peace & Harmonies


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