Grace & the Saron

So if it isn’t clear yet, I love music. Like I really love it. I love to write it, listen to it, create it — All the music things. Yet out of all of those things, nothing is quite as soothing for me as playing an instrument; but I didn’t really understand this until quite recently.

See it all started with a really crappy week. I was emotionally up and down and I really wasn’t being myself. School had just started and I was already feeling overwhelmed, specifically as a result of this world music class I’m taking. While I thought the content was interesting, I just felt really out of my depth in terms of how to talk about things and understanding things. Combined with my fluctuating emotional state, it was just not a good combination.

So it’s the second week of this class and I’m a mess. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day and just generally feeling crappy. I walk into the room for this world music class and I suddenly learn that I’m going to have to play some instruments. Not only would I have to play instruments but I’d have to play instruments that I’d never heard of!

However, when it was my turn to play the Saron  (which looks like an Indonesian xylophone) the minute I struck the instrument with the mallet I felt this release. As I kept playing, I felt the stress and anxiety of my day melting away. I even think I smiled at one point. After my 5 minute moment with this beautiful instrument, I felt the best I had felt all day. There was something so specific about playing this instrument that made me feel so much better.

I’d never encountered this instrument before that day. I couldn’t tell you if I will encounter it again. Although, based on how this class has gone so far, I think I will. Yet what I thought about as I was reflecting on the moment was the fact that playing instruments make me feel really really good. Like really good. There’s something soothing about the physical act of playing instruments that give me a sense of peace and stillness. I realized I’m going to always have to play an instrument for that every reason. It alleviates my stress and helps me to feel relaxed in a way that watching Netflix ever could. I’m just grateful that I’ve learned this now because it gives me a healthy outlet to relieve stress.

Peace & Harmonies

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