First Impressions

¿Qué tal, Internet?

This week in class, we were chatting about creating content that is able to engage across different types of media. So basically it was a discussion of how to get people to engage with your content beyond the initial point of connection and in doing so, it caused us to think about how people interact with digital media. And it got me thinking: how do I interact with the internet and what the heck does this have to do with music?

In class, we discussed the fact that people don’t actually read what’s on the screen but in actuality end up reading just the first few words of the sentences or lines of the paragraph. Plus they’re usually only around for a few seconds so you have a short amount of time to get people to stick around. That being said, it’s important to maximize the little bit of time that you have. In order to do that effectively, it often means that you have to be engaging and cut down on the fluff and unnecessary information. As a person who tends to overwrite at times, this is definitely a struggle at some times but it’s a good reminder to make sure that my content is easily accessible by the audience.

The musical side kicks in when we realize that we have to use the little time that we have in order to get people to stick around. Intros are critical to getting people to stick around for the rest of the song.  It’s so important to make sure that your first impression is strong so that you don’t waste time and maximize your impact.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Peace & Harmonies,


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