Finding Rest: Blogmas 2015 Day 2

Okay so today is officially my last final exam for the fall semester. Like I’m done. Really completely done. I’m so happy. I just want a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked and my bed. I’m ready to sleep for a week.

But I have many things to still do. Many of which revolve around my preparations for my exchange term in England next year. So in many ways, I don’t get a complete rest because I’m so busy going going going. Yet even in the midst of my busyness I have to find rest.

Finding rest isn’t easy. There’s a difference between rest and sleep. Sleep doesn’t mean rest. Yes, sleep can be a part of resting but it’s not really the same thing. You can be moving and going but still be at rest? How?

Well when I completely figure that out I’ll let you know….

I think right now, I understand rest to be a place of choosing to release stress and not taking it on as a burden. Stress really becomes stress when we choose to let it take a certain place in our lives. Instead of choosing to fall for the stress, it means that you choose the rest. (Huh, that kinda rhymes. Might make a good song lyric *wink wink*)

All to say is, I’m looking forward to the rest. Yes, I’ll be super super busy and life will be moving moving moving but I will still be choosing to find some rest over these next few days.

I can’t wait.

Until Tomorrow,

Peace & Harmonies

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