Don’t Call Me A Princess

So writing was interesting this week. I had a lot going on but still had to keep writing. I really only wrote at the beginning of this week and I didn’t really write anything new after Thursday largely because I was focused on finishing off my demo for S.A.C.  challenge this week and that’s why this post is titled this way.

So for the beginning of the week. The first concept came out of a conversation I had with my dad. We were just chatting over a nice latte and somehow the phrase “Rhyme, Rhythm and Meter” tumbled out. There was something about the feel that made it feel like it was something to be explored.

Screenshot 1.PNG

The Butterfly On The Wind concept came up in yet another conversation this week. This time it was with my church stage manager who was referring to the feel of a song we were working on. I really liked the image and the happiness of the idea. So I saved it for a rainy day.

Butterfly Screenshot.PNG

And now we come to the bulk of my songwriting week. This week we were tasked with writing an explosive Top 40 pop song specifically for the 13-17 year old female demographic for a female voice. Now, I don’t normally write these kinds of songs. I mean I don’t even listen to the radio and I don’t care very much for whats on the radio. Yet instead of complaining and moping about what I don’t like about pop radio, I decided to write something that I would want to hear on the radio.  I thought of my little cousins who regularly listen to the radio and all of the various things that they hear and sing. I really wanted to create a song that their parents would be okay with them singing and something that encouraged them to be their best selves. I wanted to create something that would strengthen and encourage women to believe in who they are and who they’re becoming. That’s where the idea for Don’t Call Me A Princess came from. I used the royal imagery throughout it because many times girls are encouraged to be princesses but then I realized that princesses do not actually get to rule. Queens on the other hand RUN the kingdom. As young women, it’s important to know that we are able to be in charge of our lives and we don’t have to remain victims of a system. So let’s be queens ladies!

Don't Call Me A Princess.PNG


Anyway, check out it out! I’m still learning how to properly record things but the demo is good enough where you can get a real feel for the song. Click here to check out the lyrics Let me know what you think below!

Until next time.

Peace & Harmonies


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