Dear Mr. West, I Cry For You.

Dear Mr. West,

You don’t know me but I know you.

And I cry for you.

I cry for you because your art is incredible and unique. I cry because your heart is to encourage people to be excellent. I cry because you are committed to creating to your fullest, expanding beyond the boundaries of traditional art to create something new.

I cry because you’re misunderstood. I cry because I hear what you say and believe it means something more than the words on face value. I cry because the rants are filled with truth yet are often attributed to arrogance and conceit. I cry because your mother never got to meet your wife. I cry because your mother never got to know your children. I cry because your mother’s sudden passing forced you to experience public grief.

I cry because you long to see justice for your people. I cry because you want the city of Chicago to be at peace and to be free.

I cry because I believe in the work that God is doing in you. I cry because I know there are people in your life that are praying for you. I cry because I know that Chicago boy has grown into a man and is now trying to navigate his way through the world. I cry because this man who is trying to lead his family through the crazy world of Fame, Fortune, and Celebrity is simply trying to do his best.

I cry because I am concerned for your mental health. I cry because of the pain you have experienced after the traumatic events that took place with your wife in Paris. I cry because I imagine you may feel some guilt for not being able to be there with her. I cry because you feel as though you are an outsider and yet remain a beacon to the culture.

Mr. West, I hope you get the help that you need. I pray that your health physically, emotionally and mentally is strengthened and encouraged. I pray that in this season that you are coming closer to Jesus as he draws near to you. I pray for the safety of your family and that no weapon formed against them shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17). I pray that your marriage is founded on the Word of God and that you are surrounded by people to lift you up to the Father.

At one of the earliest moments of your career, you declared that Jesus Walks with the hustlers, killers, murderers, drug dealers and even the strippers. You proclaimed that the way schools need teachers, the way Kathie Lee needed Regis, that’s the way you need Jesus.

May He hear your cry. May you come to know the depth, the height, the length, and the width of the love that this same Jesus has for you, Kanye Omari West.

If this ever read this, I hope you’re encouraged.

Here’s to the day you’ve been dreamin’ bout.

Peace & Harmonies

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