But She Deserves an Island: Blogmas Day 8

We’re just over half way there!

And I finally went Christmas shopping.

mom’s the hardest 

See I’ve been kinda putting it off. Mainly cause I just don’t like malls and crowds and I especially don’t like malls and crowds at Christmas. But I braved my local mall and handled my business.

Now like the header says, Mom is the hardest to shop for. Not because she doesn’t know what she wants or because she doesn’t tell you want she wants but because I really wish I could give her everything. I wish I was in a place to buy her a car or a house or a deserted island!

But like the Patrick Star meme,

Now I know I shouldn’t be all caught up on money. And my mom never demands anything of me. Plus I actually have more than $3. Yet I often have to deal with the fact that I feel that I’m limited in my giving by financial state. I wish I was able to give all the things to all of the people I care about and yet I can’t.

Yet this doesn’t mean that I can’t give good gifts. I can spend time with people or make something for them. It’s the little things that are able to make a difference.

Anyway, that’s my thought for today.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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