Assuming There’s Room For Your Dreams: Alessia Cara Concert Review

So spring break has finally come and gone with it came two weeks of freedom. Well relative freedom. Admittedly, school has felt pretty open to begin with but I had no classes the last weeks which was quite welcomed.

Anyway, I decided to spend the first week of my break in London, taking in the sights and doing all the touristy things. Plus there was a good concert in town that week so obviously I had to go.

Alessia Cara is a new face to the music industry and I can’t help but be super proud cause she’s Canadian.


Plus I really like that she’s singing about different things beyond just boys and dating. Even when she does sing about those same topics, it’s always given its perspective. It’s never over-gushy, emotional sap but instead is more focused on her maintaining her life and allowing him to come alongside as opposed to completely reorganizing her life for him. And I personally find it much more relatable because I personally don’t no man getting in the way of my life. But that’s another post for another time.

The real reason that I wanted to go see her was because I really loved her debut single, “Here.” In it, she details this horrible house party through this internal discussion with herself about why she doesn’t do these types of parties. She never disrespects any of the people there but she also is very honest about the awkwardness and discomfort of a situation that society would dictate to us is normal teenage behaviour. As a person who does not enjoy parties for that very reason, I personally found it incredibly refreshing to hear a young person have a similar perspective on partying AND to watch it resonate with people. It’s definitely a song that I wish I had written and something that I know I could write which is just really cool. Plus I tweeted about it and she faved my tweet so we’re basically internet besties.

However, as excited as I was to see her sing that song live, I ended up walking away impressed by another song she sang. But more on that later.

the venue

The show took place at the Electric Brixton in Brixton, which was a standing room only venue. I found it to be an interesting choice but the room sounded really good and had a cool vibe. I think it’s normally used for club like events as bars were set up around the floor and on the upper balcony. I stood at the top balcony largely because of my claustrophobia in crowds but also because I like sitting farther back and farther up so that I can properly feel the room.

the crowd 

Not gonna lie: I was concerned this show would be mostly screaming fangirly teenagers. I’ve been to enough shows that feature younger artists to know that I personally don’t care for the crowds at these types of shows. However, the crowd was a nice mix of teens and young adults which was cool because there wasn’t constant screaming and there was a desire to genuinely engage with the music beyond technology. They sang and enjoyed the show which in turn made it a fun crowd to be with!

the show 

Being a young artist, I was curious to see how Alessia would engage with the crowd and hold down the performance. She did not disappoint! She had so much energy it was contagious. She made sure to connect with the entire room and sang loud and strong the entire time. It was very clear that she was in control of the room but still maintained an approachability that couldn’t be faked. Her voice sounded incredible as she didn’t waver from any of the notes and she maintained a consistent power for the higher notes but also had excellent control during the softer sweeter moments. Plus she asked who was Canadian in the audience so OBVIOUSLY I had to proudly display my Canuck heritage.

assuming there’s room for my dreams

There’s a song that she sang called Four Pink Walls. It essentially talks about how as a child she dreamed of being a singer and her expectation of it coming true and that there was life beyond the Four Pink Walls of her bedroom. It’s a great lyric and a great concept but there was one line in particular that stood out to me.

I assumed that there was only room for my dreams, in my dreams, so I’d sleep and repeat… 

See for as much as I have dreams and hopes and aspirations, I can’t say that I just assumed that my dreams would come true. If anything, I’ve taken the opposite perspective and have chosen to believe that dreams are okay but ultimately silly and pointless because they don’t come true so why bother. Yet seeing this young woman declare that she just assumed these things would happen. There was no disbelief and she just expected them to come true. This isn’t an arrogant thing or even childhood naiveté but it’s just an expectation that dreams can and will come true.  It challenged me to reevaluate how I saw my dreams and the disbelief that I have about them. If anything I’m assuming that they won’t happen. So why not flip that around?

Hopefully, this is the beginning of me assuming that there was room from my dreams….

Thanks Alessia. Let’s not go to a party together some time soon….

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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