And We Back

*in my Chance the Rapper voice*

And we back


And we back.

Okay I’m done.

But the point is, I’m back and I got quite a bit to say.

Not really sure why I stepped away for as long as I did. Maybe it was exhaustion. School work. Lack of inspiration. I have no idea.

processing europe

I think a major part of my absence came from the fact that I was finding different ways of processing Europe. I initially thought I’d be writing all the time while I was away but now that I’m home (and have been for a while) I realised that I hadn’t actually done that as much. Instead I found myself thinking a lot more. Writing as a form of processing turned out to not be my go to method and instead thinking & praying was.

I’m not mad about it but I’m surprised because I had expected one thing and it turned out to be entirely different.

where to next 

I still really appreciate having this space available to write and think and process. I ultimately would like to have more conversations with people. I don’t want it to become a one sided thing where I prattle on and there’s no healthy engagement with other viewpoints – whether I agree with them or not.

I do know that I want to talk more about representation within music. As a songwriter & creative, I’m seeing different ideas and trends within music – especially within the spaces that have visible POCs involved. I want to be upfront about this because if there are people who have been reading for a while, I don’t want it to seem like I’ve suddenly become this angry black woman because that’s not what the idea is at all. The idea that I have is to thoughtfully engage with narratives of blackness as presented in music.

Admittedly, this does come from my background in Communication as well as preparing for post grad life. Whether that’s a Master’s Degree or writing for a music magazine or just continuing to freelance, I want to be engaging these ideas AND I ultimately want other people to engage with me. I want to think along side others and learn from other perspectives that I don’t have. This means we have to check our biases at the door and be willing to admit we’re wrong.

(Yes, mom, I’m going to work on being more willing to admit that I’m wrong…)

Now, engagement doesn’t mean that I’m welcoming abuse, bullying, disrespect, or racist thinking. If those types of things are posted, you will be blocked and deleted. However, if the focus remains on keeping avenues of healthy and positive communication open, then this won’t be an issue. I have faith that those who find these discussions will be people who are willing to learn and will interact with respect and kindness — while still having their own perspectives and viewpoints.

That’s about all I’ve got for now.

All I do know is that I haven’t written about Lemonade or A Seat At the Table so I guess I should get on that.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Harmonies

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