A Busted Leg, Guitar Throne & A Dedicated Rock Star

So if you haven’t heard already, Dave Grohl’s rep as a completely dedicated musician who also happens to be a complete bad ass was cemented in a special way this week. A couple of months ago, Grohl fell of the stage in Sweden breaking his leg, yet he still finished the show after getting bandaged up. The leg required surgery and the recovery time forced Foo Fighters to cancel their European tour.

Fast forwarding to 4th of July weekend, the Foos were scheduled to play a 20th anniversary show in Washington, DC but there were concerns about Grohl’s leg. Welp, like the bad ass he is, he played the show, from a Guitar Throne. A GUITAR THRONE! Modelled similarly to the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, guitar necks came from all sides of the throne, framing a big back with the Foo’s logo on the back. Placed on a platform so it could be elevated for the crowd to see him, Grohl ruled over the show giving the audience the same full energy, hair thrashing performance that he always gives — with the only difference being that his leg had to be propped up.

Hearing about this story got me thinking. The dedication that this man has to his audience and his craft is absolutely incredible. He’s been in the business for over 20 years and never once has his energy and excitement for music diminished. The energy that he carries onto that stage doesn’t change at all even with a broken leg. His passion is focused creating great music that lasts and encouraging people to create music that lasts. He wants young people to not allow a television show determine your validity in the industry but to instead work hard and continue to work hard. Even in the face of injury, he continues to put on a good show and truly embodies ‘The Show Must Go On’.

If only we had more musicians that thought this way. As much as I love music and love what I do, if I’m truly honest, I’m not nearly as urgent in my pursuit of my goals as this guy is. I mean he literally started from nothing and continued to work hard, not even letting the sudden passing of one of his best friends stop him. Yes, I’m sure there was a pause but even after, he continued to make great music and he didn’t give up. At the 4th of July Concert, he not only put on a great show but he overcame the barriers that could have prevented that in a really unique way; one that will for sure be remembered and definitely belongs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

And in my living room. Dave, I want one.

Peace & Harmonies

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