So when this post goes up, it will officially be my 20th Birthday. I have finally come to the end of my teens and I enter into the next phase of my life as a twentysomething.


The Events of My Twenty-Something Years

Many events will happen in this decade.

Studying Abroad in England

Graduating University

The Start of My Professional Music Career

Receiving My Canadian Citizenship.

Then there are events that could happen in this decade.

Move to Another Country

Learn a New Instrument

Finally Become Fluent in Spanish

Get Married & Have Kids

Have a Bernese Mountain Dog Named Pond

Write Songs with Emelie Sandé, Robert Glasper & Tori Kelly

Become Best Friends with Superwoman. Because I really want that to happen cause she’s just so cool.

What’s the difference between the two? Well the things that will happen are those that I know for certain will take place. I know for certain that I will be going to Europe next year, I know for certain that I will graduate from university in this next decade, etc.

But the things that could happen are things that I would like to do or have happen but I’m not certain if they will. I could learn a new instrument but I’m not sure yet. Getting married and having kids is a real possibility but I don’t know if that’s actually gonna happen.

Yet even with those two distinctions, I don’t actually know if any of that is gonna happen. I mean in my head I know it will but things change and life has a fun way of throwing you for a spin — even if that spin doesn’t feel very fun. Ultimately, I have to trust that God is going to keep me. Period.

What My Teens Have Taught Me

While I look to the future, I also look to the past. For years, I was always presumed to be older than I was. I was convinced that I was actually always in my twenties. But, while in manner and speech I was older, I still had a lot of childish ways that I had to conquer and confront. Ultimately, I’m grateful for my teens and I’ve learned a lot; many of these lessons I will take with me into my twenties and beyond. What are some of those lessons? Well…

1. Never ever ever compromise on who you are. Be the person that YOU need to be. Anybody that stops you from that doesn’t need to be in your life.

2. You are constantly growing and learning. Growing up is a process not a singular event.

3. Listen to music that will last beyond the space that you’re in; that way when you get nostalgic in your 50s you won’t look back with embarrassment and questioning.

4. Removing someone from your life who has had a history of hurting you does not make you a bad Christian. Keeping that person around is not a sign of forgiveness. Letting go is much healthier.

5. Embrace your ethnicity, embrace your culture; for it is this that has helped to shape who you are as a person and ultimately informs your art. Be proud of that inheritance and be proud of your ethnicity.

6. In the same way, you shouldn’t compromise on the person you are, you also shouldn’t compromise on the artist that you are. Make it hard for people to put you in a box; and if you are put in a box, think outside of it and create something else amazing that blows them out of the water!

7. It’s okay to not have a lot of friends. Having fewer friends doesn’t make you a loner; it instead is a sign that you focus on quality friendships as opposed to the quantity of friendships you have.

8. Social media is cool. In fact, as I’ve learned in my first two years of university, social media is an incredibly powerful tool. But don’t let it eat up your time. (I’m looking at you Tumblr)

9. Stop. Worrying. About. Money. God is your Provider. That is That. So cut that out.

10. This is just the beginning. Your life is just getting started. The things that annoyed you in your teens need to be ignored and instead focus on where you’re going. God has a plan for you. Focus on following Him.

Where Now?

The Fridge.

Kidding! I’m not going to the fridge.


The next phase of my journey will be a fun one. Yet while I keep walking, my growing is not done. Like I said earlier, the growing process is on going it doesn’t just stop. I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to the continuous process of being a student of life.

Thank you to all of those who have encouraged me and loved me along the way.

Family. Friends. Colleagues. Professors. Puppies. Etc.

I don’t have nearly enough time to thank each and every one of those people who have blessed me but I have to thank two very special people.

Mom & Dad. You never give up on me. You love me with all you are and you never squash my dreams — and many times your dreams for me are bigger than my own. Thank you for being there for me through the good, the bad and even the downright ugly. I’m excited to see how God continues to progress our relationship in this new chapter of our lives. I love you both even if you are Digital Immigrants.

Well this has been a long one. Thanks for even bothering to read all the way to the end! Here’s to a new chapter & a new page.

Peace & Harmonies

3 thoughts on “20

  • The day that you were born, you changed this family, irrevocably. Watching you grow and become this amazing woman has been an honor and a privilege. Love you always, my sweet girl! XOXO, Auntie Christy

  • Love u Grace! Proud of u! I can hear some of ur mom’s wisdom come thru u. Very cool! Good points noted hear – EXCEPT…I think I can comprehend u getting married in the next decade but not sure I can fathom u having kids just yet!!! Yikes!! I feel so old!! I can’t think of that – take ur time getting older ok – no rush! Believe me…the time may come when u wish things would slow down. 🙂 So no talk about kids please…yeesh! Lol…And let’s hope Mark doesn’t read this…he has yet to accept the fact that u could move away and get married at some point!!! ;p

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